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SMS templating

In connection with the transition of the mobile operator OOO “COSCOM” “Ucell” to the A2P platform, it is necessary to provide all the SMS templates that you send to your customers for further registration on the A2P platform “Ucell”.

All SMS texts will be filtered according to the templates provided by you, if the text does not match the template, SMS will be charged as advertising, according to the new tariffs that came into force on August 1, 2022.
Required for review:
Memo on drawing up templates for Ucell

Parts of SMS

Dear partner!
We inform you that messages are divided into parts depending on the number of characters and encoding. GSM encoding (Latin, 7 bit) and Unicode (Cyrillic, extended character set). Up to 160 characters in GSM encoding will be counted as 1 SMS, up to 306 characters 2 SMS, up to 459 characters 3 SMS. Unicode encoding up to 70 characters 1 SMS, up to 134 characters 2 SMS, up to 201 characters 3 SMS. If there is at least one character that is not related to GSM encoding, the SMS message will be sent in Unicode encoding.
Frequently used characters not included in GSM encoding:
’ “ ” — `. They can be replaced with the characters ' “ ” – ', these characters are included in the GSM encoding.

It should also be borne in mind that in GSM-7 encoding there are several characters that are counted as two characters when calculating the length of SMS, below is a table of such characters: ^ { } \ [ ~ ] | €

We kindly ask you with ost

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